look back in silence.

I'm Ben, gay (but you know... shit happens) pre-t ftm...

This blog is a bit (ok a lot...) fandom-ish and bandom-ish and a bit of personal, so don't be surprised... I consider my blog as some kind of my diary...
and... I dunno. hi ;)

Looking for a Cas to my Dean.

Marcus Mumford is my spirit animal.
Brandon Flowers is my god.
I hate Jensen Ackles cause he's too damn perfect.
If I'd have a beard I'd use Benedict Cumberbatch's cheekbones as a razor.

If anyone would want...

kik: shakealittle

but if you wanna ask me if I'm horny after 5 minutes of talking... don't

05.05.2008 - 30STM
13.02.2010 - Billy Talent
04.03.2013 - Mumford & Sons
now it's time for The Killers!

It just stopped there. I couldn’t resist.

It just stopped there. I couldn’t resist.

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